Bowls for Haiti:  June 5 at the Harwood Center
Bowls for Haiti is a fundraiser for Partners in Health / Zanmi Lasante, a medical organization working in Haiti since 1987.

Bowls for Haiti is also a partnership with the potters of New Mexico; their generous donations will help Partners in Health continue their work in Haiti under increasingly difficult post-earthquake conditions.

The potter's bowl is a beautiful, personal object, a symbol of life and the work of the hand. It is a symbol of feast as well as famine. Bowls for Haiti will offer hundreds of different kinds of bowls, many sizes, shapes and colors; as varied as the potters who make them. Each $20 donation to Partners in Health entitles the donor to a free, one-of-a-kind bowl.

Bowls for Haiti will be at Albuquerque's Harwood Art Center on June 5, 1-5 pm. It is free and open to the public. Call 505 873.0609 or 410.0271 for more info We can accept check or cash donations only; no credit cards.

Click on 'Information' to find out more about PIH. Look at the links page for more about Haiti and our generous sponsors.

As of May 27, Bowls for Haiti has raised $500 in pre-event donations
We thank the Gap and individuals from all over the US for their generous donations